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There is no single way to be a man. Different cultures, different times, different people define manhood in different terms. Its ideals can be somewhat similar, but every man creates his own unique masculinity. I want to capture these masculinities with a camera.

In order to show masculinities from male perspectives, all creative control is transferred to them. Participants of this project are in charge of their photo sessions. They choose a place, an outfit, a pose, and framing (headshot, full body, etc.) for their photographs. I take pictures, process them (in different styles), and send them to my models. They choose one that they perceive as the most masculine image of them.

This selection of images is just a start. I envision Photographing Masculinities as a much bigger project with hundreds of participants from different cultures and backgrounds. The photographs will be available on my website and later in a photo book.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to model for this project.

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