Photographing Masculinities: Call for Participants

There is no single way to be a man. Different cultures, different times, different people define manhood in different terms. The ideals can be somewhat similar, but every man creates his own unique masculinity. I want to capture these masculinities with a camera. And you can help me.

It is simple:

  1. You identify as male
  2. You choose a place, an outfit, a pose, and framing for your photographs*
  3. I photograph you**, process pictures, and send them to you
  4. You choose the ones where you look the most masculine according to your ideals of masculinity

Scroll down for examples of photographs taken for this project.

*At this time I do not do boudoir or nude photography. Please plan accordingly.
**I ask all models to sign a model release: a piece of paperwork that releases the rights to your photographs to me. The release requires 1) a government issued ID; 2) a signature; 3) a witness (they should sign as well).

All participants will have an option to download full resolution photographs from my website. The photos are free for personal use by the participants. However, I would appreciate a credit and a link to my portfolio.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or want to schedule a photo shoot. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Drinking Beers in Ale 82, Tamachi, Tokyo, Japan

Drinking Beers in Ale 82, Tamachi, Tokyo, Japan

Patrick Herbert Patrick Herbert John Daisuke Turner Michael

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