Death Valley Dreams

I always admired infrared photography for its unusual, dream-like feeling. Infrared filters and sensors turn skies black and greenery white resulting in an eerie atmosphere and alien landscapes. But they also add a lot of drama, especially when the skies are full of clouds.  

A couple of years ago I got an infrared digital camera. I played a bit with it but never spent enough time on it. Death Valley Dreams series is my first more or less serious attempt to engage in infrared photography.

Death Valley National Park is a magical place for me. The variety of things to explore and to photograph is fascinating: Ghost towns, small towns, and tourist spots, salt flats, sand dunes, mountains, hills, blossoming cacti, and much more. I have thousands of photos from there. And I always wanted them to reflect the magic of the park. I believe this series moves me in the right direction. I plan to print it on metal paper to increase its dreamy feeling.

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