Olga Garnova

Olga Garnova

Olga Garnova is a writer, photographer, and an adventurous scholar. She is an avid learner who prides herself on knowing a lot of random things about random things. She is especially fascinated with technology and social sciences. Her favourite excuse for procrastination is reading popular science articles and then checking the original papers. It is debatable that she went back to a university just to have an unrestricted access to peer-reviewed journals.

Olga uses British spelling and punctuation even though she writes in American English, which triggers endless arguments with her American editors and puts a smile on the faces of her British ones. She prefers to think of it as a “personal style”, perfectly complementing her “European” accent and cosmopolitan views.

In the past decade she lived in five different countries: Russia, France, Ireland, the USA, and Japan. It was a great experience that rewarded Olga with fluency in English and cultural awkwardness. She learned that no two countries do the same thing the same way. To avoid confusion, Olga is very straightforward and direct in everything she says and does.

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