Ongoing Projects

I was always fascinated with people like Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance Man. He was a brilliant polymath who excelled in arts, sciences, engineering, and medicine. His genius is arguably the greatest of all times. He represents an ideal I am striving to achieve. In our time of ever-narrowing specialisations and an enormous amount of collected knowledge, it is an impossible goal. I have to admit that. But I would regret not trying.

So, I keep ignoring all well-meant advice from my friends and mentors to limit my interests and activities. I keep learning, discovering new things, and exploring opportunities for self-expression. I can’t just relax and do nothing. Even procrastination time comprises reading, watching documentaries or films related to my projects, or philosophical discussions. I feel happy when I am tired.

I am not Leonardo, so my projects usually encompass only four main areas: research, photography, writing, and crafts.


  • White migrant masculinities research: American and European men in Japan [thesis]
  • Foreign men in Japan [documentary; currently in pre-production] 




  • Gobelin-style embroidery for my house
  • Knitting: a scarf and a sweater set [I will be working on it for quite some time]

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my projects or want to participate. I am also always open to ideas and suggestions for next things to learn and explore (as long as I do not have to climb some mountain).

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